Pigeon Spikes Are Non Lethal & Environmentally Friendly – The Perfect Solution To Protect Your Property From Pest Birds
Excellent product. Now I don’t have all the nasty bird nests under the eves of my porch. Can’t ask for anything more simple to install.

Can’t Stand Pigeon Problems? Let our Bird Spikes help.

Nearly everyone is familiar with pigeons because they can be found in almost every part of the world and share lots of places with humans. Numerous people love to keep and feed them. But not all though -are comfortable with the damage this type of birds cause. These pigeons come and go as they please and like to live in open places, around the cities and country sides. However, they can harm crops and grains, and they pest apartment dwellers, rooftops alike. A single pigeon may carry an infectious disease due to its acidic drops and dusty feathers, this one of the major reasons why it’s important to have healthy surrounding free from birds that pests.

Worry no more, We have durable pigeon spikes to get the work done for you!

If you are looking for an Eco-friendly, humane product that keep bird pests away, our stainless steel bird spikes are the perfect tool for you. These bird spikes act as control spikes. Pigeon spikes are made out of spikes which creates an uneven surface that causes the birds to land elsewhere. They are humane, bird friendly, the rods are tipped, to prevent harm when someone is doing maintenance. It is a guilt-free option to use as you don’t have to worry about the welfare of any bird that visits your place. 

Our stainless steel product doesn’t only work for pigeons, it also works for gulls, crows, all that have large feet which are not well suited to clutching onto thin perches. They are also used to deter feral cats and rodents. Physical barriers such as these are the most effective way to keep birds off. Our bird spike products are 100% effective and it guarantees to show the difference once it is properly installed. Our bird spike product comes in poly-carbonate base and stainless steel strips, which makes it an Eco-friendly option for our customers. We could help you get rid of the pest birds away and relieve you from the nuisance it causes. 

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Pigeon Spikes Features 

 Durability: These Pigeon Bird Spikes Are Proven Effective and Lasts A life Time.

It is made out of stainless steel bird spikes with a poly-carbonate base which is easy to install, durable, and lightweight. You can install them on your window sills, edges, ledges, towers, lights, mats, aerial rooftops, parapets, cornices, your porches, awnings, the doors and entryways, the beams and girders. It is easy to break to fit any architectural design in your area. These bird spikes are effective barriers to keep birds away. It does the job anywhere you need it to be!

Our products’ Result Are Immediately Seen

All you need is a few minutes to install these amazing bird spikes and get it ready. It will immediately relieve you from the headache of having the bird pests around. 

It Does not hurt the Bird, it just deters them.

Our pigeon spike product only acts as a deterrent. Once installed, the bird spike works wonders. They don’t hurt the bird as it only makes it difficult or impossible for them to land. The spiked areas will encourage the bird to fly farther and move on to another location.

Bird Spikes doesn’t Need Maintenance

You just need to install it and leave it there! It is unobtrusive and all-weather resistant, it doesn’t rust, it won’t decay or corrode. It may stand for more than 10 years before needing to replace them. 

Our Bird Spikes are Environmental friendly!

These amazing bird control spikes products are non-lethal, they keep bird excrement away and it helps your place to stay clean. They even act as a fence to keep the raccoons or stray cats away. Once your areas are spiked, it will relieve you from the nuisance of having fallen feathers, blockage on gutters, rainwater pipes, and any infectious disease that the birds carry. To have these bird control spikes around may mean an even more healthy environment for you and your family!

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